21 Things

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For Tyler, who turns 21 tomorrow; born May 27th, 1993.  21 Things You were born with huge balls, big purple over sized balls.  Your father was so proud.  Then the doctor told us that was normal and that your balls … Continue reading

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Blog Hop! Come along if you feel…

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Okay, so I’ve never done this before…which is odd and great and scary and silly all at the same time.  I hate talking about myself.  Which is probably why it’s challenging for me to network … and that’s an entirely … Continue reading

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Word (press)

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Words bend To hurt the very things                   We love Without them – words Or love – flesh is like an open dream Wandering the woods             … Continue reading

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Declarative Memory

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Rejection Hits like a fist to the face, cold blow to the temporal lobe, stout strike and all the worlds a stage. There ain’t no room at the inn. It’s another one’s got more skills than you and beauty slipped on … Continue reading

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A change in environment can be a positive thing, Especially when you jump on board as a holistic participant in your own life. The cycle of perpetual pedaling nowhere, haphazard circular motion that inspires perspiration but no real movement in … Continue reading

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The Power of Suggestion

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My friend James Moore, and fellow writer / playwright / poet posted a picture on Facebook and I suggested he write a short play based on the picture.  He did.  It’s funny.  If you’ve ever considered attending a High School … Continue reading

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I heard the other day a man told a woman she needed to calm down. This surprised me to the point of confusion. If women need to calm down, and children need to straighten up, what’s a man supposed to … Continue reading

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